The XSL DR2 spectra were released on December 2019: 813 observations of 666 stars covering the full wavelength range UVB to NIR (see Gonneau et al. 2019 for more details). Stellar parameters for 754 observations were also determined (Arentsen et al. 2019).

Typical XSL DR2 spectra


Positions of XSL stars in the sky


Distribution of the spectral types, as retrieved from Simbad


Other XSL DR2 spectra: selection of low [Fe/H] stars*

Low giants [Fe/H] -- page1
Low giants [Fe/H] -- page 2

* Low [Fe/H] means [Fe/H] < -1.5 in our case. No correction for extinction was applied.

Other XSL DR2 spectra: selection of solar metallicity giant stars

Solar metallicity giants -- page 1
Solar metallicity giants -- page 2