XSL-related publications

The XSL-related publications are classified in 3 categories:
  1. XSL : Papers written by XSL members
  2. PROC : Conference proceedings
  3. OTH : Papers written by non-XSL members
Preview First author Year Title Bibcode Catg
Gonneau A. 2019 The X-Shooter Spectral Library (XSL): Data Release 2 arXiv XSL
Figure 1 from Arentsen 2019
Arentsen A. 2019 Stellar atmospheric parameters for 754 spectra from the X-shooter Spectral Library 2019A&A...627A.138A XSL
Figure 1 from Lancon 2018
Lançon A. 2018 Oxygen-rich Long Period Variables in the X-shooter Spectral Library 2018arXiv181102841L PROC
Figure 1 from Gonneau 2017
Gonneau A. 2017 Carbon stars in the X-Shooter Spectral Library: II. Comparison with models 2017A&A...601A.141G XSL
Figure 1 from Gonneau 2016
Gonneau A. 2016 Carbon stars in the X-Shooter Spectral Library 2016A&A...589A..36G XSL
Figure 1 from Chen 2014
Chen Y. 2014 The X-Shooter Spectral Library (XSL) -- I. DR1. Near-UV--Optical Spectra from the First Year of the Survey 2014A&A...565A.117C XSL
Figure 1 from Gonneau 2013
Gonneau A. 2013 The X-shooter Spectral Library and Carbon stars 2013sf2a.conf..233G PROC
Figure 1 from Davies 2013
Davies B. 2013 The Temperatures of Red Supergiants 2013ApJ...767....3D OTH
Figure 1 from Chen 2012
Chen Y.P. 2012 The X-Shooter spectral library 2012ASInC...6...13C PROC
Figure 1 from Trager 2012
Trager S.C. 2012 A short review of empirical stellar spectral libraries 2012ASInC...6....1T PROC
Figure 1 from Spiniello 2012
Spiniello C. 2012 Evidence for a Mild Steepening and Bottom- heavy Initial Mass Function in Massive Galaxies from Sodium and Titanium- oxide Indicators. 2012ApJ...753L..32S OTH
Figure 1 from Spiniello 2011
Spiniello C. 2011 The X-Shooter Lens Survey - I. Dark matter domination and a Salpeter-type initial mass function in a massive early-type galaxy. 2011MNRAS.417.3000S OTH
Figure 1 from Chen 2011
Chen Y. 2011 The X-Shooter Spectral library 2011JPhCS.328a2023C PROC